The new Kuzer. Made to deliver extra.

Tight manoeuvring in tough situations. Squeezing through rush hour to make your next delivery. Is this your daily routine in a nutshell? Then step inside the Kuzer. The truck that fits your life.

A light medium duty truck for easy urban driving, the young pretender in the UD family rolls out Flexibility, Productivity, Uptime and Fuel Efficiency, and places it firmly where you and your business need it. And with a cab that maxes out on comfort, this is somewhere you could definitely learn to call home. Okay then, your mobile office will do.

So what’s actually unique about the Kuzer? Well, it so happens that we built it specifically for the tight streets of inner cities like Jakarta. Our latest creation is a further milestone in UD Trucks’ history of renowned and innovative Japanese technology. Combining a powerful and durable new generation CRS engine with an agile and practical design means performance and manoeuvrabzility unheard of in a truck this size. Throw in cost-cutting fuel efficiency controls and you’re looking at the perfect future investment. Whichever way you turn.

Light-medium duty just got real. It’s the new Kuzer. Made to deliver extra.

General Specifications

Axle Configuration
UD GH4E 150
Engine Series
150 PS (110 kW) @ 2,800 rpm
Engine Power Range
Torque Nm
490 Nm @ 1,400–1,800 rpm
Engine Torque Range
6 speed direct drive type
Brake Type
Dual Circuit Fully Air Brakes