About us

Did you know that UD Trucks stands for Ultimate Dependability? Here, you can learn about our history, read about our commitment to reducing environmental impact, our favorable financial services, order merchandise and much more.

Effective February 1, 2010, Nissan Diesel Motor Company announced its name change to UD Trucks Corporation. Building on the UD Trucks image that is marketed worldwide, Nissan Diesel America, following the lead from Japan, announced its name change to UD Trucks North America effective May 1, 2010 and relocated its Sales and Marketing department to Greensboro, NC on January 3, 2011.

UD Trucks Corporation has a comprehensive product line that includes trucks from Class 5 through heavy-duty Class 8.  The product line also includes special vehicles such as crane carriers, buses and off-road equipment.  UDNA will continue to consider changing markets when planning the UD Trucks product line.

Currently, UD Trucks are marketed around the world.