Extra Mile Stories

The transportation business is constantly evolving and customer needs – in terms of fuel efficiency, operation rates and reliability – are also evolving one step ahead.
The Extra Mile Stories explains how transport companies, business managers and drivers are making extra efforts to deal with these challenges, and how UD Trucks’ products, services and gemba experts go the extra mile to support them.

4 Reasons Why Quon is Perfect.


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The president and a driver of Yamato Multi Charter explain how the new Quon truck meets their needs for fuel efficiency, safety, loading capacity and drivability. A UD Trucks lead developer explains the development of the new Quon and how they achieved improved quality of transport.

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3 reasons why Janti chose UD Trucks as their preferred partner

Indonesia Janti Extra Mile Stories

Janti, a family construction company, only makes business with UD Trucks and describes that one of the keys to their success is their decision to choose UD Trucks as UDs are tough, safe and fuel efficient with high quality spare parts.

2 reasons Quester is PT Sinar Indah Perkasa's choice

Indonesia SIP Extra Mile Stories
Indonesia SIP Extra Mile Stories

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SIP believes that creating excellent service for the customers enables company growth. Questers have a long lasting life, that’s why SIP chooses UD Truck as its trustable partner for its business.